Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My dear friends let me first thank you for your response and views on my last blog. It has given me the confidence to write more.


Have you come across any individual where you ask them what's your business and they replied "I'm a banker, or doctor, or engineer, or teacher, etc."

You might have come across someone who might have told you their designations like, "I'm an IT manager, or marketing sales, or administration manager or HR and Personnel Manager."

Some might have even told you their job descriptions, "I'm a Marketing Head of a Television Channel looking after sales for the sub-continent and managing a team of young, energetic and highly motivated ambitious females who assist me in building relationships with clients."

My point is that I am asking what's your business? You have turned around and told me your profession or occupation. You have told me your occupation of someone else's business. It's not your business where day and night you put in all your efforts hoping that your boss will reward you after his company is doing well. It's not your business which has grown quadrupled profit or its balance sheet multiplied in billions. It's not your business if the company offers private jets or leisure cruise to its directors.

You think working for MCB Bank since its inception has become one of the largest banks in Pakistan with a balance sheet in billions of rupees. Mr. Mian Muhammad Mansha is the owner of MCB bank who is the first Pakistani to get into the Forbes Billionaires list is quite frankly not your business. To top it off you think Mian Mansha's business is banking? You think his profession is a banker? He's in the business of acquisition. He is a business tycoon. He lives off by taking over companies and hiring people like us to run it for him. 

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the guy and the people working at this bank. MCB Bank is a very stable bank with one of the highest branch network and deposit base. They are the pioneers of introducing branchless banking and not to forget MCB is a strong brand name. It's a pure Pakistani bank which has shown tremendous growth over the years and is a success story but it's not mine, yours or anyone's story. Its Mian Mansha's story.

You have to understand that the rich have money working for them and the poor/middleclass help them make money. If you want to get rich you have to have money working for you. (This is another topic, to be written later)

Now you need to know how to mind your own business? Just like any business you need to have the capital. In my last blog I told you how to save. Your savings should be used as capital. Now that your capital is ready I told you how and where to invest. That is like acquiring assets.

Follow the chain:
Savings à Capital àInvestments à Assets

Now that your assets are ready you need them to work for you. You need to be selective and prudent on your assets. The objective is to acquire assets that give you a good return. Obviously some assets might turn sour and some will be good but your objective will be achieved.

After that give yourself a pat on the shoulders and tell yourself "YOU ARE MINDING YOUR BUSINESS!"

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Abdul Rahim said...

i think this is one of the most important topics in personal finance. what people need to understand is that its really important that they start to develop a capital base of their own and more importantly putting that capital to appreciate at high rates of return. I think people don't actually realize the power of compounding and the effect it can have on their net worth over long periods of time. as an example $10000 invested over a period of ten years compounding at a rate of 15% would grow to $40455 at the end of the period. that is an increase by 4 folds. if you were to add $10000 every year to your capital then it would grow to over $203000. so practically your money doubled in ten years time. one of the best ways to get the highest possible returns is from stocks. history shows that over periods greater than 10 years, stocks have beaten every other asset out there in terms of return, even tough in the short term they may be highly volatile.