Sunday, November 20, 2011

Get Good Grades (GGG)

Why do we strive so hard to get good grades in colleges and universities? Good grades mean good job, good job means inflow of money, which concludes to building of wealth. Why do we build wealth? So we can have a good life. Get married and have kids. Some might say we need wealth to have power.

What is power? Let's classify it in three classes. We have financial power, physical power and intellectual power. Each one of these classifications is dependent on each other. But in my opinion the intellectual is the most powerful element which can help you build on money and health. So the conclusion, improve on your intellectual.

Mr. Kiyosaki said don't go to a business school to get a good job, go to a business school to acquire a corporation. 

Everytime I read this line in his book it knocked me off my feet. Many of us go to universities and end up giving all our time and effort just to learn finance. Our basic objective is to learn to get a good job. Why don't we learn finance and accounting with the objective to acquire a corporation?

For those of you who still want to get employed I would recommend to get a sales job. A sales job will give you the insight that you need. Try to investigate this point in your CEO or look at any successful businessman and see his background. All successful business men have great selling skills.  They all have been salesmen in one time or another.

You don't need a flashy degree for a sales job. Yes but a degree will increase your intellectual power.

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