Monday, November 14, 2011

Whats the big deal?

I am really inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This is one man who got me thinking in another dimension.
There was no doubt that in my university days I knew that if I you study hard and get good grades, you end up having a good job. Which meant job security, climbing up the corporate ladder, fat bonuses, owning latest tech gadgets, fast cars, etc etc. Now that I have a decent job. Got the exposure. Life is good. At least that's what I think!
It was not that long that I realized that I have to pursue higher education. So I got enrolled for a MBA Finance program that everyone was doing. Again the theory goes have a masters degree get ahead of the race and be noticed by potential employers. Notice I used the word Race.
I have to thank Mr. Kiyosaki for giving an adjective to the word Race. He said its a "RAT RACE". We all are the victim of the Rat Race.
Now on a serious and professional note, the dimension that I was referring to can be summed into one word. Entrepreneur. As a risk analyst I know that greater the risk more the awards. So therefore an Entrepreneur is a risky business. Don't take me wrong, just because its risky you should hang on to your Job security and not look around. The upside to this is GREAT AWARDS. We are talking about being your own boss. Establishing you own Brand. Who knows if you work hard and be constant then you might have a corporation!
When this happens you have stepped out of the race and now you own rats doing the racing for you. 
People say that working for the financial or banking sector has its security. Well they are wrong. The truth is that there is no stability in any line of work you do. If you are looking for stability or a secure job then you are wasting your time because your approach is all wrong.
The right thing to do is find a good deal! You find the secure job just to earn money. So you are running after money. But if you turn it around. Make the money do all the running around then you have a good deal!
I know you must be thinking that we've heard this invest your money in fixed income or treasury bills or put them in some saving scheme. The question is if you haven't then you should and if you have then you should take half of your savings in put in some business venture. There is always a good deal happening everywhere you just have to be open towards it. 
For now I will leave you with this perspective. Think about it. I shall continue writing more. If you agree or don't agree leave a line or two to Broadcast Yourself! 

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